As the undisputed bestest Season (in my opinion) swirls up around us with a fresh chill in the air and a rustling of crisp leaves, I can’t help but hope for some of the most beloved parts of this wondrous time of year to somehow carry on, despite the ship-show that 2020 has turned out to be.
It is still a fabulous time to get out with your family or social bubble and visit a farm animal sanctuary to show the fortunate souls there some love; it’s even wonderful weather to offer some of your downtime to volunteer with a rescue or activism group. In addition to those activities, I will personally be eating all of the pumpkin everything, if anyone wonders why there’s a sudden shortage of pumpkin puree; it was me.
In light of the world health crisis, and hopefully a turning tide in the upcoming US election, which falls just days after Halloween, we have decided to attempt to get the new Compassion HQ up and running a bit ahead of schedule, hopefully to celebrate a metaphorical coming together of mankind with a fresh selection of our designs, some of which are funny, cute, thought-provoking, or off-topic & spooky, but all of which will mean a donation will be made to one of the amazing causes we work to support.
So every time you score a sweet new shirt, a patch, stickers, or anything from The Vegilante’s assorted swag collections, you are also contributing to a better, more compassionate and just future for all of us hurtling through space together on this little blue planet.
That is to say, Welcome and Happy Autumn!!
                              ~The Vegilante                                                                                                                   for Truth, Justice, & Limitless Compassion

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