We are proudly partnering with a number of wonderful organizations and groups that give back to this world, that we humans, so frequently only take from. We are unified in our objective to stop animal exploitation in all its forms, show them the respect they deserve, and allow them to live their lives free from harm.

This why we donate a percent of all of our profits to a number of charity organizations that are doing vital work around this little blue marble we all call home.

So, when you’ve received your swag from The Vegilante and Compassion HQ, you are simultaneously supporting a kinder world, contributing to much-needed activist work being done for the animals, while helping to get the important message out by sporting your newly acquired goodies! 


It is a privilege to be able to donate to a wide variety of compassionately-minded organizations around the world. Our team is dedicated to contributing to like-minded driven eco-friendly activism groups across the globe.
If you know of a reputable vegan-run animal rights organization you would like to see us support, we would love for you to please get in touch with us about it.